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In business since 2008, the Ethnic is a company that provides international trade services, assisting other businesses in the import or export of their products. Throughout this period, the company developed different types of services tailored to the diverse needs of our customers.

Strategy and Organization

Our company takes great care before starting work with national and international companies. In international business many things must be taken into consideration, since the economic situation of each country and their culture, customs and needs. Therefore, we have developed strategies to achieve the goals in the best way as possible, in order to avoid any risks.



As stated on the homepage, we specialize in Chinese market, its different types of manufacturers and peculiarities in trading. We can offer the best support to companies who want to start their imports from China. We offer differentiated services in China, having our own office in Shenzhen.
In this way, we ensure excellence and satisfied service.

Search and Approval of Suppliers


We offer a full search for suppliers of any type of product on Chinese territory. Food, furniture, Commodities, utensils, clothing and etc. We make a study of the product and issue a detailed report on leading manufacturers to work and what the most reliable in relation to the price / quality. So our customers feel more safety when defining their suppliers in China.

​Visit to Factories


After the vendor be defined by the customer. Our team will visit this supplier to get a closer relationship, inspect the production line and quality control and request samples. If it's our customer's will, this may accompany our team to personally meet the manufacturer.

Production / Shipment Inspection


Setting the supplier after quality analysis and price, we offer the entire production monitoring. Making surprise inspection of the production on our cutomer's order, checking the quality and possible specifications. We also do pre shipment inspection where, by sampling, we check the order to see if the product complies with predefined requirements.



Freight transport is one of the most important stages in importing, we have complete logistics solutions of Chinese inland transport and shipments to Brazil.

Process follow up


We follow all the import process until the import shipment's destination and it's nationalization. It is our interest that all steps are performed well, and our customers are complete secure.

Trade missions


If it's our customers preference, we organize trade missions to China, which will follow a pre-defined script. Visiting fairs and manufacturers, business roundtable, airline tickets, hotels, interpreter service and all the necessary details for this kind of trip.

​Project Development


Each of our clients has a purpose when they decide to do international business. So we work with projects tailored to every need, be it in the internationalization of the brand, the search for buyers or suppliers, market research of each country, product acceptance research and feasibility in import and export, business plan development and international marketing.



The export has always been a very profitable business for companies, to strengthen the brand, or as a result of foreign currency valuation. With the current situation of the Brazilian domestic market, many of our clients come to us to begin this process. We have sent many products to foreign markets over the years, it gave us the necessary know-how to succeed in this area.



We assist companies interested to initiate processes and make the necessary adjustments to put their products in the international market. We take into account the main features of each country and the viability of the product on the market. We conduct market research and consult our partners on other continents, to achieve the goal.



We have a contacts network in different countries, this makes our search for buyers / suppliers more effective. The information is passed and, therefore, we can define the best strategy to enter the target market. Considering the target audience detailing and brand positioning.

​Brands Internationalization


That's one of the greatest difficulties of Brazilian companies, many fail to put their brands abroad for various reasons. It can be the lack of knowledge of the market, the adjustments in the product, or even branding issues.
North American companies look for our products, but end up bumping into specifications required by their market, so they need to adapt.

Sales Representative


Many companies have the interest to enter the Brazilian domestic market, but do not know where to start.
We advise with our market knowledge, representing those brands and doing all the mediation to achieve their first contracts with good retailers in Brazil.
We work with the largest retailers in the country and we know how to put each product we represent on the market.

Business Plan


We prepare business plan for foreign companies, where we profile the Brazilian market, with statistics and research of the consumer market. Regardless of the company to become our client later, this is a no-obligation service with separate charge.

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