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Ethnic works with a line of materials for the civil construction industry, exporting the raw material, or negotiating areas of cultivation.

We have a diverse list of items in this sector, such as Quartz Sand, River Sand, Dust Limestone, Eucalipto and Pine logs of various specifications and stages of industrialization.
We are always adding products in our portfolio, doing all the feasibility work and market research.
Producers, know our work and consult us for more information.

See below some of our products:

Eucalyptus (Logs / Sawed / Cavaco)

We work with the most varied sizes and diameters of Eucalyptus and Pinus, mostly for use in civil construction and furniture industry.
We work with "export standard" logs:
1) Wood in logs with bark;
2) Lumber;
3) Wood Chip (cavaco)
Timber from reforestation released for export.

The sale will be made (All in) with all costs included for export, with use of license itself.
(Certificates, freight, fumigation, customs clearance, port costs, B / L, Export Register, etc).
FOB Santos / Paranaguá / Itapoá / Itajaí - * Other ports under request.

Weekly shipments.
Payment methods:
T / T - Prepayment (with discount).
Pinus (Toras / Cavaco)

We work with logs of pine taeda and eliotti and eucalyptus with continuous production and daily loading.
We also work with lumber and sale of planted forests. Pinus Taeda or Pinus Elioti in logs already cut and in phytosanitary export standards.
We support monthly delivery of about 25,000m3 of wood of the species in a varied way.
Minimum order 5,000m3 month.

Export and Import (CIF and FOB). (preferably FOB).
We deliver to the port closest to the forest, such as: ports of Itajaí, Paranaguá, Imbituba, Rio Grande or others that are closer to the forest.

Weekly shipments.
Payment methods:
T / T - Prepayment (with discount).
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