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Ethnic works with a line of materials for the civil construction industry, exporting the raw material, or negotiating areas of cultivation.

We have a diverse list of items in this sector, such as Quartz Sand, River Sand, Dust & Gravel Limestone, Eucaliptus and Pine logs of various specifications and stages of industrialization.
We are always adding products in our portfolio, doing all the feasibility work and market research.
Producers, know our work and consult us for more information.

See below some of our products:

Limestone Rock & Dust (Construction & Soil correction use)

Our limestone counts with high quality standards and high PRNT. This ultimate product of excellence has earned the trust of so many farmers in the state, is the result of the combination of state-of-the-art equipment, modernity and our 45 years of market experience.

In addition to the dolomitic and calcitic limestones, we supply brits for the construction industry and other products developed from limestone.

Use on Soil:

The application of limestone in the soil is indispensable for those who want to have a good harvest. This is explained by the effects of liming, which substantially increase soil productivity. Like for example:

Corrects the soil acidity through elevation of PH;
Potentializes the effects of fertilizers and fertilizers;
Increases the absorption capacity of nutrients by plants;
Contains calcium and magnesium, plus 15 microelements of great importance;
Neutralizes the toxic effects of aluminum and manganese.


​​​Use in Construction:
The Gravel can be used on different types of construction, Buildings or Roads purposes. You can see bellow the types of the aggregates:

Dolomite Limestone:
Higher concentration of calcium oxide and magnesium. Indicated for correction of soil with deficiency of calcium oxide (CaO) and magnesium oxide (MgO).


Calcitic Limestone:
Higher concentration of calcium oxide (CaO) and low magnesium content (MgO) - below 5%. Recommended for correction of calcium deficient soils.


Small Gravel


Medium Gravel


Coarse Gravel


Ground Stone

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