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Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in this market, having worked in the largest producing and exporting companies such as Citrovita, Cutrale, Cargill and many other importers abroad.

We have a diverse list of items in this sector, such as food and beverages in the most varied specifications and stages of industrialization.
We are always adding products in our portfolio, doing all the feasibility work and market research.
You manufacturer and producer, come to know our work, and consult us for more information.

See below some of our products:

Oils (By-products)
We work with the by-products from the FCOJ and NFC production of citrus fruits.

Oil of the orange peel (Cold-Pressed Oil)

Oil extracted from orange peel, used in the production of compounds for beverages, cosmetics and chemicals.


Composed of the components resulting from the evaporation process, separated into an aqueous phase and an oily phase. Both phases are raw materials for the beverage and food industries and can be re-added to the juice.

D-Limonene or Citrus Terpene

The main component of orange peel oil. It is used in the plastics industries as raw material for the manufacture of synthetic resins and adhesives.

• Oil phase
• Water phase
• Cold pressed oil

They are extracted from the outside of the bark, being used as raw material by the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


• Perfumes
• Soft drinks
• Medicines

• Drum (173 kg)
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