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Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in this market, having worked in the largest producing and exporting companies such as Citrovita, Cutrale, Cargill and many other importers abroad.

We have a diverse list of items in this sector, such as food and beverages in the most varied specifications and stages of industrialization.
We are always adding products in our portfolio, doing all the feasibility work and market research.
You manufacturer and producer, come to know our work, and consult us for more information.

See below some of our products:

Concentrated & NFC Juices

Concentrated juices, also known by the acronym FCJ (Frozen Concentrated Juice), are juices extracted from selected quality fruit and properly sanitized, which are then subjected to concentration in evaporators by evaporation of the water until obtaining the product with the desired characteristics. After the evaporation process, the concentrated juices are suitably bottled and frozen for distribution and commercialization.
Orange - 265kgs
Lemon Tahiti - 240kgs
Sicilian Lemon - 240kgs
Tangerine - 240kgs

Packing: Drum and polybag
Aseptic pulps

The obtained product is used as raw material by other industries, in the manufacture of yoghurts, ice cream, soft drinks, sweets etc. It can also be processed during the harvest, aiming at its later use to obtain candy in bulk, jellies and nectar.
In the pasteurizing process, the pulp is preserved by further heat treatment, aseptic canning, freezing or addition of chemical additives. The phases that make the production are: harvesting, transportation, reception, washing, selection, preparation, pulping, refining, balance tank, deaeration, potting, freezing and storage.
Pineapple - 200kgs
Acerola - 200kgs
Goiaba - 200kgs
Sleeve - 200kgs
Maracuja - 200kgs

Packaging: Drum metal and polybag
100% Fruit Juice (Tetra Pak)

Fruit, with no addition of (water, sugar or any kind of preservatives). It's totally integral. You may feel a variation in the juice taste of one pack to another, and that proves how natural it is. We do not create a pattern of juice because it has to be natural.
Orange - 1L and 200ml
Grape - 1L and 200ml
Tangerine - 1L and 200ml

Packing: Tetra pak (ready to drink)
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