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We have a diverse list of items in this sector, such as food and beverages in the most varied specifications and stages of industrialization.
We are always adding products in our portfolio, doing all the feasibility work and market research.
You manufacturer and producer, come to know our work, and consult us for more information.

See below some of our products:

Brazilian Coffee

Made from high quality Arabica beans, with origins in the south of Minas Gerais and Alta Mogiana. It is roasted to the wood, and, besides ecologically correct, it maintains the attributes of the coffee roasted and ground. We have different types of packaging and 2 types of toasts, Traditional and Extra Strong.

- Vacuum: Coffee powder vacuum packed, aluminum packaging, maintaining quality and flavor for 12 months. Available in pack of 500g.
- Gourmet Expresso: Roasted grains, has certificate of Quality and Origin C-230/19, harvested in altitude of 1,150 m. Full bodied with excellent aroma and sweetness. Available in pack of 500g.
We have 4 flavours avaiable for roasted grains.
- Soluble: Besides practical and economical, it is an excellent option for those who need a quick preparation and does not dispense a good coffee. Available in pack of 50g sachet.
- Bulk: roasted beans in bags of 25 or 50 kg
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