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The Ethnic Trading is an export and import trading company, which operates in consulting and strategic advisory on international trade market, provinding complete and tailored solutions to companies in Brazil and abroad. In business since 2008, the Ethnic has vast knowledge in foreign trade in different countries, both in exports and imports. In recent years, he specializes in negotiations with the Chinese market.


Created in order to assist companies to put imported products in the domestic market, and also to put local products in other regions of the world. After a few years of operation, we obtain an optimal level of satisfaction of our customers.


Our company, press for a transparent work and fair trade between suppliers and international buyers, always working efficiently and quickly without leaving behind attributes that are part of company's policy as: respect, honesty, commitment, left field, discernment, humility and friendship.


With an extensive knowledge in foreign trade, our experts started a search for non-existent products in the Brazilian market, as well as internationalized brands / genuinely Brazilian companies abroad, presenting the "BRAZIL brand" worldwide.


There is a great importance of trading companies that provide consulting services and advising companies in intermediation between producers, importers and exporters, since the export depends of specific expertise, such as: trade procedures; markets and their characteristics; commercial and tax risks; procedures for the hiring of transport and insurance; Payment methods; financing available; without mention the acknowledged difficulties due to differences of languages ​​and customs. Having the expertise, appropriate structure and the necessary financial support, Ethnic facilitates contact between companies and product placement abroad and domestically.


Knowing this, came the idea to create a closer relationship between companies which would like to export / import and buyers / international suppliers. With this profile the Ethnic established partnerships, opened new markets, prospected customers and new products, operationalized services (documentation, certifications, contracts, etc.) and that's how we want to continue this relentless pursuit of full satisfaction of our customers and providing the best service from the market.

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